Montag, 4. Mai 2009

Hiking tour to Prigglitz, 25 April 2009

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On Saturday, 25 April, our hiking group made a trip to the litte village of Prigglitz, about 90 km south of Vienna (56 miles).

Our destination is Waldburgangerhütte,
about 1.100 m (3.600 feet) above sea level.

We start at 600 m (2.000 feet) on a broad hiking trail,

with beautiful views over the sourrounding mountains.

Suddenly we've lost our track
(that's nothing new with us :)))

Despite a detailed consultation of our maps
we have to walk up to the peak directly, cross-country, direttissimo,
(as usual, hehe :)))

and finally reach a mountain pasture
with a view over the snow covered mountain Rax.

We walk on and see that the grass is still brown,
the snow has melted not long before.

In the distance we see Hirschenkogel and Stuhleck, Vienna's nearest skiing area.
The region here is called Semmering,
a traditional Viennese "Sommerfrische" retreat.
Here wealthy Viennese families spent their summers once,
and it's popular still today.

A sudden thrill:
Who left those footprints in the snow?

Too big for a dog!
Maybe the legendary Ötscher Bear?

We walk on, enjoy the woods, the flowers and the warm sun!

heading for the next mountain hut.




Seidelbast which is rather rare!

It's pleasant to walk through the woods,

and soon we reach Pottschacherhütte.

Here we take a rest, the food is delicious
(Schweinsbraten mit Sauerkraut und Knödel)

and everybody is cheerful!

Country-style hut, wood carvings, sunshine,

and a phantastic panorama!

Heading for Prigglitz again,

we come across a very interesting manor, Gut Gasteil,
which is run by artists.

Sculptures in the meadows lead us to the house,
where we learn the story of the manor.

Soon the shadows get longer, and we return to Vienna.

Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

Silvesterwanderung 2008 Kaiserkogel

On the last day of the Old Year, our hiking group made a trip along the
Traisentaler Rundwanderweg
starting at the village Eschenau and walking up "Kaiserkogel",
a hill 716 m above sea level, 70 miles west of Vienna.

The region is called "Mostviertel" (due to the must made ofthe region's apples and pears)
and it is a part of the Austrian Pre-Alps.

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Fascinating sings:
In Austria, you won't get lost easily...
Paths are well labelled.
Saves you from getting lost in Austria! :)

So much beauty!

Special thanks to Erwin for planning our tours for so long!

More info about the Mostviertel here!