Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

Silvesterwanderung 2008 Kaiserkogel

On the last day of the Old Year, our hiking group made a trip along the
Traisentaler Rundwanderweg
starting at the village Eschenau and walking up "Kaiserkogel",
a hill 716 m above sea level, 70 miles west of Vienna.

The region is called "Mostviertel" (due to the must made ofthe region's apples and pears)
and it is a part of the Austrian Pre-Alps.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view!

Fascinating sings:
In Austria, you won't get lost easily...
Paths are well labelled.
Saves you from getting lost in Austria! :)

So much beauty!

Special thanks to Erwin for planning our tours for so long!

More info about the Mostviertel here!